Wednesday, October 14, 2015

5 Reasons Why People Buy Kindle Books

As Kindle book writers, we have to ask: Why do people buy Kindle books? Knowing the answer to this question will help you when writing your first or next book because it will make you cater to their needs and wants. Ultimately, understanding the answers will help increase your book sales.

1. Instant Download

People love buying Kindle books because they get to read the books they order right away. There is not waiting time.

2. Quick Reads

Believe it or not, most people can't seem to tackle a 300+ page book. They consider themselves lucky if they make it through the first chapter. The book then goes onto the bookshelf, never to be opened again.

Kindle books are generally smaller books. Some are as small as 25 pages. They are easier to read than large books and are generally packed with more useful information. They contain little to no fluff.

3. Escape

Fiction readers, from romance to horror to science fiction and fantasy, are all seeking one thing: escape. Readers want to escape the daily humdrum of their lives and dive into a work of fiction that will take their minds far and away.

4. To Solve a Problem

Many nonfiction books on Kindle are written to solve a reader's problem. These books can be about any sort of problem, from losing weight to pest control. Kindle books that promise to offer a solution in the title and then provide the solution in the contents of the book sell the best. These books are generally short because they focus on a very specific problem. They lack fluff and filler found in traditional paper books.

5. Benefit

People buy books that will provide them with a benefit: "How does this book benefit me?" Benefit books include ways to make money or how to be more beautiful. These books are also generally short books because readers want just the facts and the know-how necessary to gain the benefit being offered in the title.

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