Monday, October 12, 2015

7 Reasons Why You Should Not Try Online Dating

Better Safe Than Sorry

I hate to say it, but it is better to be safe than to be sorry. That is how I feel when it comes to online dating. Whether you know someone who has successfully sound their true love using online dating or you are just thinking about trying it out, there are a few things you should avoid before risking heartbreak or worse.

1. You Don’t Know Who’s at the Other End

Let’s face it, when you are dating online, anyone could be on the other end of the line. While I am not saying you could be talking to a axe murderer (although you might be), you could be talking to someone who is not the person pictured in the profile picture. The person you think is a woman could very easily be a man or even your ex wife. Anyone can sign up and play head games with another person, whether they know that person or not.

2. Scammers

There are a lot of scammers on dating sites. They will pretend to be interested in you and then they will start sending you messages with affiliate links, tell you about the secret way they made millions and how you can join in on their bogus lifestyle, or they will find some other way to scam you out of your money. It can be a personal emergency that they’ve made up or a quick request for $20 so that they can do this or that. Whatever it is, all they want is your hard earned cash. If they think you are an easy target, they will start messaging you non-stop.

3. Co-workers May See Your Profile

A few years ago I was working on reviewing a few online dating sites for another website and part of the process involved me setting up a fake account. Of course, pulling my info, the sites would show me the profiles of other people living in and near my area. I was shocked to see that I already knew many of the eligible and not so eligible men (a.k.a. married) using the sites. I was not only thankful I didn’t upload a photo of myself, I was glad when I was able to finish my reviews and delete my accounts.

The point is, anyone who signs up to a dating site can see your account. If you are posting body shots or you have inappropriate or too personal things posted on your profile, they will see that, too. Your best bet, if you are determined to give online dating a shot, is to keep your profile truthful and appropriate. If you don’t, someone may call you out on it.

4. Playing the Whole Field

I just love these types. They scour the dating sites and Facebook looking for people to hit on. They will have numerous online relationships with multiple people at the same time. Will they ever settle with just one? Not on your life.

Many of these types already have a “real life” girlfriend or boyfriend, but because they are never happy with what they already have, they will continue to look for something more.

5. Lying

I believe that nearly everyone lies, especially on their dating profiles. That casual drinker may actually be kicking off a bottle of vodka a day. That high-powered business executive may actually be a basement blogger with 50 followers on Facebook. People lie about their salaries and their relationships, and online dating makes it so easy for them to do so.

6. Cheaters

I think I have mentioned cheaters twice, so far, but they are especially prevalent on dating sites.All too often these are people who are “bored” in their current relationship and want a side piece to give them the extra attention they crave. They are sort of like those who play the whole field, only cheaters tend to be more secretive.

In real life dating scenes, you can get the feedback from friends on whether or not someone is already married or in a committed relationship. You don’t get that on dating sites. In fact, you could find yourself meeting and going out on dates with someone quite a few times before you find out about their significant other.

7. Thieves

Be careful what sort of information you share with strangers online. Thieves will scour the internet for people in local neighborhoods and keep track of who is home and who is not. Whether you are on social media or on an online dating site, never advertise the hours when you are or are not home. If you want to talk about your vacation, talk about it after you return home.

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