Thursday, October 8, 2015

Are Writers Going from Blogs to Writing Kindle Books?

As I read more through more and more Kindle ebooks, I am noticing a common factor among many of the non-fiction writers: most have experience blogging. Are blog writers switching over to Kindle ebooks as a reliable source of income?

In 2012, it was estimated that there were roughly 160 million blogs "out there." As the years pass, more and more blogs are added to the mess.

Compare this to the number of Kindle ebooks presently available, over 1 million, and your chances of earning an income on Kindle, as opposed to a blog, are significantly higher. In fact, it is a common practice these days to take all your blog posts and turn them into a Kindle ebook to sell.

Top Earning Blogs

According to online statistics, the top 5 earning blogs are:

The Huffington Post - $29, 896 a day.
Mashable - $15, 781 a day.
Techcrunch - $14,816 a day.
Engadget - $9,861 a day.
Smashing Magazine - $6, 382 a day.

In the 50th spot for top earning blog is BlogBareFoot, earning $37 a day.

Personally, I am ecstatic when a blog of mine hits the $5 mark in a day. Of course, I am the casual blogger, not full or part time. Anything higher is highly improbable for a single person blogging only once in a while, unless that person has already built a back stock of good articles with top earning keywords.

Kindle Earnings

Getting information on the top Kindle earnings is more difficult than it is for blogs. In 2011, it is estimated that the average earnings for the year for Kindle writers was roughly $10,000. That is a decent passive income, especially if you are creating Kindle books so that you don't have to work a 2nd, part time job. In 2012, the average earnings were slightly higher at $13,957.

Authors that have sold millions of books are now well off. The top selling genres for these folks are contemporary romance, romantic suspense, mystery, thriller, fantasy, science fiction, young adult, horror, and time travel.

Non-fiction doesn't show up in any of the top selling genres, but I can tell you from personal experience that writing non-fiction does provide a decent income - not millions of dollars, but enough to live off of if you write books that people find helpful.

Diversify Your Income

I believe in having multiple income streams. I am a writer. It is my compulsion. Time and experience has taught me never to rely on a single income source. I write on many platforms as my own boss and as a contract writer. I enjoy having payments come in multiple times during the month instead of just once a month.

Blogger with good writing skills should definitely consider writing a Kindle ebook. On the other hand, Kindle writers should also work on building a blog to advertise their books, to build a following, and also to teach their readers about their Kindle writing experience.

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