Sunday, October 18, 2015

Complete Guide to How Writers Can Gain More Twitter Followers

When it comes to marketing your books and gaining a following, it is easy to get frustrated. I have found that the best approach to building up a following on social media is to simply focus on one platform. For this article, we are going to focus on Twitter.

Step 1 Your Twitter Username

Your Twitter username is essential to describing what your Twitter account is about. It is the name that appears after the @ on your page.

As a writer, you have many choices for choosing a Twitter username.

  • Use Your Name - If your name is easy to remember and spell, use the name you write your books under.
  • Book Series - If you are working on a series of books, you can use the series' name as your username.
  • Descriptive - If you are an expert in the field you write about or you are setting yourself up as an expert, choose words or a phrase that describes your field.
  • Character - To drum up a fan base, you can also create a username for the main character in your books. This works best if you are writing a series of books using that character, such as Harry Potter.

If you already have a Twitter account, you can easily change your username. Go into Setting--Account. Change your username to one that is not already taken. When I went to my Twitter account and changed my username to write4kindle, I got 5 new followers out of the blue within 20 minutes of the change. Your username is important.

Step 2 Photo

On your Twitter page there is a place for your photo. It is the small square image at the top of your screen. For the best resolution and sizing, make the picture 500 x 500 pixels, jpeg.

Types of Photos

As a writer, you can use all sorts of images for this spot.

  • Cover Photo - You can resize and adjust the cover of one of your books to fit the photo area.
  • Self Photo - You can post a picture of yourself to make your account more personable.
  • Logo - You can design a simple logo to represent your business, writing subject, or book series.
  • Graphic - Use an interesting graphic.
  • Photograph - You can resize any type of photograph to use in this space. For example, a photograph of a flower or a pet.

Step 3 Header Photo

The header photo is the image that is behind your photo. The recommended dimensions for the header photo is 1252 w x 626 h pixels. The file size may not exceed 5MB.

The header photo is a fairly new addition to Twitter, and it is a great way to further personalize your Twitter page.

Step 4 Website

As a writer, you really should have a website or blog. Link to your site on your profile page. If you don't have a website or blog, link to the bio page you hopefully created on or other publishing site.

Step 5 Bio

The Twitter bio is short and sweet, limited to 160 characters. In the bio you can briefly mention that you are a writer, such as "Writer of the Moody Madness Book Series." You can also include other information about yourself. Since my Twitter account is focused on helping people who want to write and self publish on Kindle, my bio reads, "A free resource for anyone who has ever wanted to write and self publish a book on Kindle." Short and to the point.

Step 6 What to Tweet

Tweets can be up to 140 characters in length. Each tweet that you write should provide some sort of benefit, including enjoyment, for your followers.

Tweet Examples

Free Book Downloads - I try and post one of these a day. If you publish on Kindle, you can set up a free book promotion. If you do, tweet the link for it which you can easily do by visiting your book's page on and clicking on the Twitter button at the top of the page. I also tweet other people's free book sales as a benefit for my followers.

Quotes - I love, love, love quotes. Don't you? Share your favorite quotes on Twitter once or twice a day.

Thoughts - Share personal thoughts and insights. Keep posts positive. Do not post flames.

Links - Share a link to the latest article on your website or blog. Share a relevant link from someone else's website or blog.

Videos - Share an interesting or relevant YouTube video every now and again.

Photograph - Share interesting or relevant photographs you have taken.

Step 7 Follow and Be Followed

And the secret to getting followers is (drumroll, please) to follow other people! That is it.

Finding People to Follow

Do this right now: Find another twitter account that has over 10,000 followers and is related to what you write about. For example, if you have written a romance novel and you want to find people who enjoy reading romance novels, you will do a search on Twitter for "romance books." One of the pages it will kick up is @eBook_Romance. If you click on their followers, you will be able to see all the people who follow them. Begin clicking the follow button for the readers that may be interested in your books. Follow 100 people and then check back in 2 hours or more (depending on the time of day / night) and see how many people have followed you back.

You can do up to 1,000 follows a day, but that will take up a lot of your time. 10 to 100 follows a day for writers is enough to slowly grow your Twitter followers.

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