Saturday, October 31, 2015

How to Research Paranormal Events

Researching a paranormal event is a lot like researching any other event. You need to know the background of the area or person involved in the event, you need to go out into the field to investigate the claims, and you need to conduct interviews with witnesses.

Research First

When you learn of a paranormal event, your first step is to conduct background research. If you are researching an event that has already been written about, you will need to read up on the information that is in print. Hit the books and conduct an online search, as well.

If the event is new or if it is something that hasn't already been written about, you will need to conduct research on the area in which the event took place. Find out if other paranormal events have been reported in the area. What is the history of the area and who owns the place where the paranormal event happened.

Also, do an online search of the names of people involved in or who witnessed the paranormal event. This is less likely to turn up much of anything, but it remains an important part of the research.

Visit Location

After you have done all the background research, the next step is to visit the location in person. You will want to take along at least one digital camera that has the ability to take HD videos. Bring backup batteries or a backup charger. Photograph the location and take notes on the area.


While you are visiting the location, try and get at least one eyewitness to the scene so that the event can be described to you. If there was more than one eyewitness, visit each one at their home or in a public setting. For the interviews, you can either film the interviews with the eyewitness's permission or record the interview with the eyewitness's permission.

During and after each interview, be sure to jot down any of your personal thoughts or observances so that you don't forget the details later on when you sit down to actually write about the event.

What Happens When You Disprove a Claim

Doing field research on paranormal events is exciting, especially when you uncover a genuine paranormal mystery. More often than not, you will be able to disprove claims of paranormal events. This happens when you discover that the claim is linked to a practical joke or when the person who has made the claim is only seeking personal attention. Sometimes car headlights really do play tricks on the eyes at night. Whatever the case, the claim is still good enough to write about. Disproving a claim to your readers shows that you have integrity and that you are not afraid to disprove an occurrence that you desperately want to believe in.

Researching for a Book

Researching paranormal events, one by one, is a great way to build material for a book. You can focus on specific regions, states, or even focus on a city that experiences a high level of paranormal activity. There are many ways to spin a book that will include your personal paranormal research. Not only can you focus on regions, but you can focus on types of events, as well. More elaborate events may even take up the contents of an entire book. It is up to you to head out into the field and find these gems in the rough.

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