Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Publish a Pagan Kindle Book

You dream of writing the perfect Pagan themed book. You have probably already checked out the submission guidelines for at least three of the most popular publishers of Pagan books. You may have even sent out queries and proposals, but have received rejections from all of them. What should you do? Self publish on Kindle.

What is Kindle?

The Kindle is a small tablet created by to read the electronic books published on's Kindle platform. Newer Kindle devices, such as the Kindle Fire, can also be used to search the internet and run apps. Kindle books, also called ebooks, are now outselling the print books sold on

Why Choose Kindle?

There are many ways to self publish your books. Smashwords is a popular place to create and sell ebooks. There is also NOOK Press by Barnes and Noble. However, from my own experience,'s independent publishing service exceeds these and other self publishing groups.

The reasons for choosing Kindle include:

  • There are plenty of free guides on formatting your ebook for Kindle.
  • You can easily format your ebook in MS Word.
  • It does not cost you anything to publish your ebook on Kindle.
  • You will be able to reach out to an audience of millions and sell your ebook to people in other countries.
  • You can design your own book cover or hire someone to create your cover for you on
  • You are in charge of marketing your ebook.
  • Establishing yourself as a Pagan writer is very easy because the genre is not yet overwhelmed.

Why Paganism?

What an awesome subject! Being Pagan for nearly 30 years, I can say that I never get tired of all the history and beliefs that fall under Paganism. There are so many wonderful ebooks coming to light these days, books that a large publishing house would never touch. These ebooks include historical information on just about everything, from brooms to superstitions to magical creatures, and there is plenty of room for more. Books of spells, chants, and rituals also sell fairly well on Kindle.

The Money

To date, I have published 19 ebooks on Kindle. Most of these books are under pen names. Not all of my ebooks are of a Pagan nature, but my best selling ebooks are my Pagan ones. This may be because there simply aren't enough ebooks available for us on Kindle just yet. Personally, I like to believe it's because Pagans are voracious readers. We'll read just about anything we can get our hands on.

With the sales of the ebooks you publish, you will earn a royalty percentage. Ebooks that are priced between $2.99 and $9.99 earn a 70 percent royalty. Ebooks priced between $0.99 and $2.98 receive a 35 percent royalty.

Let's say you publish an ebook for $2.99. For each sale of that book, you will get about $2. If you sell 50 copies of the ebook each month, you will earn roughly $100 a month for that book. To earn even more each month, you will want to publish 10 ebooks at $2.99 a month. If each of those ebooks sell 50 copies a month, that's $1,000 a month in your pocket.

This is just a mid range estimate for books published for Pagans. There are people who sell thousands of copies a month and there are people who are only able to sell 2 or three copies a month.

How many ebooks you sell will depend on numerous factors:

  • Your writing skills.
  • Your book's cover (people DO judge a book by its cover).
  • Your ability to build a following.
  • The subject matter of your book.
  • Your book's title.
  • The season or month.

Get Writing

Before I discovered the wonders of publishing on Kindle, I was barely making ends meet. I am a single mother with two teenagers and a toddler. It was my teenage son that got me into writing Kindle ebooks, and if it wasn't for his lecture on why I should just go for it, I would still be struggling.

There is no excuse for you. There is no more worrying about rejection notices or the hassle of putting together a huge proposal. Just write your heart out. Write about your beliefs. Write about your practice. Research and write some more. And join me. Enter the ranks of the professional writer. Learn the ins and outs of the self publishing trade, and, for Goddess' sake, write some more!

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