Thursday, October 29, 2015

Publishing Genealogy Research as a Kindle Book

Researching your family tree takes a lot of work and dedication. Many people who have spent years gathering information often wish they could publish a book on their research for family members but that it can be very expensive. Publishing your research on Kindle, however, is free.

Types of Genealogy Books

There are a number of types of genealogy books you can publish. Four of the most popular types of personal genealogy books are:

Cookbook - Create a cookbook of all your family recipes.

Family Tree - Publish your family tree. Add photos and family stories.

Biographies - Publish a book of biographies of your ancestors.

Historical Novel - Turn the life of an ancestor into a historical novel.

Parts of a Genealogy Book

You only need certain parts or sections for a Kindle genealogy book.

Cover - As a genealogy book, you can keep your cover fairly simple since it will only really appeal to people in your immediate family and people who bare the same last name. You can also have a nice cover made on

Title Page - The title page in a Kindle book includes the title of your work and the name of the author(s) and / or editor(s).

Copyright Information and Acknowledgements - The next page you will need to include is all the copyright information. For a genealogy book, you should also list the owners of the photographs you used in your book and thank them. Thank people for their help in your research.

Introduction - Introduce the book to your readers. State the purpose and goal of the book.

Dedication - A dedication can be added, if desired.

Body of the Book - This is the meat of the book. It can be divided into chapters or sections, depending on the type of book.

Bibliography - A list of resources used to write the book.

Making Updates

The beauty of Kindle books is that you can update your books as often as you need to. The books that have already been downloaded will automatically be updated. This means you can add birth and death information on an ongoing basis. Mistakes can be corrected.


Finally, there is the issue of pricing. On Kindle, the lowest price you can set for your book is 99 cents. However, to get it to your family for free, you can enroll your book in the KDP program and schedule your book to be offered for free. During the free days, you can contact your family and have them download your Kindle genealogy book at no cost.

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