Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Skip Elance and Write Your Own eBooks

I have been reading up on ebook writing and how other writers are earning money from it. There have been quite a few people that recommend selling ebook writing skills on, so I set up an account and began looking at the jobs posted.

Are These People Smoking Crack?

To say I wasn't impressed would be a terrible understatement. Disgusted is a more accurate description of the insulting jobs available to freelance writers on Elance.

For example, there are posts from people looking to hire ebook writers for less than 1 cent per word. One job offer paid roughly .006 cents per word. The poster wanted the ebook writer to write a 24,000 word ebook. At a pay of only $144, any writer worth her weight in cauliflower should just publish the ebook herself.

Earn More for Yourself

There were only a few higher paying jobs for ebook writers with one poster offering $1,000 for an ebook. That is a nice bit of upfront money to earn for writing an ebook in 2 weeks, but I would still argue that you can earn more than that writing and publishing that ebook for yourself.

When you write an ebook for an Elance buyer, you lose all rights to that book. It will be published under another name, probably a pen name. The person who bought your work will be earning money off of your hard work month after month.

When you write an ebook and publish it yourself, you earn money off that ebook, month after month. If you can write an ebook in two weeks, that means you can write and publish up to 24 ebooks a year. That is a lot of ebooks to start earning money off of month after month..

A Little Money Now or More Money Over Time

What it all comes down to is whether you want a little bit of money right away or do you want to risk earning more money but over a longer period of time? If you need a chunk of money within the month, then by all means sell yourself to the buyers on Elance. If the money is not necessary for your immediate survival, write your ebook in two weeks, publish it on Kindle, and take the happy risk of possibly earning far more than a measly upfront payment.

Do what works best and feels best for you. For myself, I will not be bidding on any of the jobs posted on Elance. I make far more money writing and publishing my own ebooks.

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