Friday, October 9, 2015

Stop Waiting to Get Published - Self Publish Instead

A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Long before editors and publishers started accepting article and book submissions online, you would have to contact them through snail mail. It was a long, painful dance that required queries, proposals, and edits. An accepted article would take months to be published. A book manuscript could take over a year to be published after acceptance. Thank goodness for the internet and for Kindle.

During the snail mail ages, self publishing was something frowned upon. To many people, it meant that your book was lousy, unsellable, and not worth the purchase. eBook publishing has changed all of those earlier perceptions.

Call Me Kindled

Today there are many online publishing platforms. So far, I have only tried out's Kindle platform, and I have been successful beyond my wildest dreams. I kick myself each day for not publishing on Kindle when they first started accepting manuscripts, but I am thankful that I did finally use their service to publish, as of this date, 15 ebooks.

Say What I Want

Aside from bypassing publishers, Kindle publishing has allowed me to find my voice and say whatever it is I want to say (and I can do it under a pen name!). I can be anyone and everyone, and, at age 42, I can be as controversial and obnoxious as I desire.

Motivation, Not Procrastination

The most difficult part about being a writer and your own publisher is that you don't have a deadline unless you give yourself one. You can get caught up in the procrastination game. A word of advice - don't let yourself go there. If you don't feel like writing and scrubbing down the bathroom sounds like a fun chore compared to writing, it is time to give yourself a kick in the rear. The only way you can do that is to force yourself to write. Some people do the timing method where you tell yourself that you only have to write for an hour and then you can stop and do whatever you want for the rest of the day. The belief is that once you start writing, you will break free of your procrastination funk and continue on with your work long past that single hour.

Staying motivated is extremely important in the self publishing world. You will also need to remain optimistic and not give up early on because sales are not high. Like all good things in life, earning an income from your work takes time. For many successful writers, they stay motivated and continue writing until they have over 100 ebooks published. A few lucky souls only have to publish four or five books to find that they are earning over $10,000 a month. Irregardless of the stats, keep yourself focused and remain motivated to see this all the way through.

Do It Now

Like I already said, I kick myself almost every day for not having published on Kindle sooner. I would be making at least 6-digits a year by now if I had only taken the step to publish back when Kindle first opened up to writers. If you don't start now, you will also be kicking yourself with what ifs and I could have made blah blah blah by now. Just do it. Now. It's as good a time as any.

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