Monday, October 26, 2015

The 3 Ways to End a Fiction Book

Sometimes ending a story can be as difficult as starting one, but just as there are 3 ways to start a fiction book, there are 3 ways to end it, too. Just knowing the 3 ways to end a fiction book will help you choose and write the proper ending for your story.

The 3 Ends to Books

1. Just Before the Full Solution to the Problem

You can end your book right before the full solution to the main character's problem is reached. Ending a book this way leaves the reader uncertain as to what happens next and this ending is usually used in book series so that readers will jump to read the next book. The Harry Potter books are an excellent example of this type of ending. Some of Harry Potter's problems were solved by the end of the book, but his overall problem with Lord Voldemort doesn't get solved until the end of the series.

2. When the Solution is Attained

You can end your book just as the main character's problem is solved. For example, in a detective novel, the book can end just as the bad guy is caught or the puzzle is solved.

3. After the Problem has been Solved

Finally, you can end your book after the main character's problem is solved. You can do this with a wind-down (anticlimax) chapter that shows the main character going on with her life.

Knowing is Half the Battle

When you know the opening points and the closing points to your book, the rest come easily - the meat of the story. If you are new at writing fiction, place a list of starting and ending points on your desk or on your wall where you can quickly reference them.

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