Sunday, October 25, 2015

The 3 Ways to Start a Fiction Book

Starting a fiction book can be troublesome to new writers, but there is a way to make it easier. When you know the three ways you can start your book, you can choose one and begin your writing.

Know What Your Character Wants

Before you begin writing your fiction book, you need to know what your main character wants, what is his main goal? As an example, let's say that the main character wants to clear his name of murder charges.

The Character's Obstacles

Next, you need to know some of the obstacles or problems that are going to affect your character and prevent him from reaching his want or goal. In our example, we already know that the character is facing false murder charges. In his way are corrupt policemen and falsified evidence.

Knowing just these two simple facts, each just a basic statement, you can decide on how you will be starting your book.

The 3 Starts to Books

1. Before the Problem Shows Itself

You can start the book before the problem arises. For our example, we can start the book with the man spending a family fun evening with his wife and kids. It is not until he finishes work early the next day that he stumbles onto the scene of a crime and gets falsely accused of murder.

2. When the Problem Appears

You can start your book just as the obstacle or problem presents itself. This would mean we would begin our story with the man stumbling onto the murder scene.

3. After the Problem Appears

Finally, you can start your book in the thick of the plot. You would start your story with the man standing in the police station, trying to tell his side of the story and being arrested on suspicion of murder.

Knowing the 3 places to start a story will help you decide on the best starting point for the book you want to write.

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