Wednesday, October 21, 2015

There’s Not Much Dutch on Kindle

While I was doing the research for one of my books, I came across the fact that there is very little available about the Pennsylvania Germans on the Kindle platform. Sure, there are plenty of paper edition books on everything from hex signs to recipe books, but when it comes to the kindle books, the selection of books is rather dismal.

Pennsylvania German phrase books, powwow books, and historical books fill the paper editions. The only really interesting PA German I can find in Kindle is Thomas White’s book on the Witches of Pennsylvania: Occult History and Lore.

Steady Sales, Not Bestsellers

From the look of it, paper editions of certain Pennsylvania German books are steady, but not best sellers. This means that if you publish a nonfiction book about a popular aspect of the PA Germans, you will get sales here and there, but you more than likely won’t make millions. PA German cookbooks are also popular among people who don’t want low fat, sugar free recipes.

Fiction is the Way to Go

I simply cannot believe the popularity of Amish fiction, especially in the romance and soft detective series. While the Amish live far differently than the PA Germans, there is a wealth of historical material on the PA germans to turn a great many fictitious tale. For example, the PA Germans who moved into the Pocono region to mine coal and the PA Germans who fought in every war known to this country.

The PA Germans also have a rich culture of folklore and superstitions that can be turned into ghost stories and paranormal novels.

Something to Look Into

While the markets continue to get flooded with the same old, same old, it is worth looking into the Pennsylvania German culture and their beliefs.

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