Thursday, October 15, 2015

Top 7 Tips for Busy Self Publishers

1. Never Expect Instant Success

When self publishing books, never expect instant sales and instant success. Instant anything is rare in the publishing world. Instead, plan for a slow build up to success. As you publish more books under your name or under a pen name, your books will begin to gain visibility and better sales. The trick is to not give up and to keep publishing your books.

2. Digital is Best

If you only have time to focus on publishing in one medium, choose digital books. Digital books, such as Kindle ebooks, are relatively easy to layout and have a cover designed for them. Digital books also cost the consumer less money (usually) to purchase than paper books.

3. Outsource Your Cover

A decent book cover can take an inexperienced Photoshop user hours to make. Instead of losing those hours fiddling around with a cover design, hire someone else to make you an eye-catching book cover. I’ve used for 3 of my book covers with decent results. If you want higher quality, prepare to pay a higher price.

4. Hire an Editor

Don’t spend forever proofing your book. Hire an editor to do it for you. When you get your book back, go through it one final time. It’s then ready for publishing.

5. Focus on Niches

Publish sets of books within different niches. Nonfiction books do fairly well for most self publishers, especially when they focus on writing a set of books within one niche (pronounced neesh) at a time.

6. Pay for Reviews

That’s right. If you want your book reviewed these days, you have to pay the reviewers. The Kindle self publishing market is still booming and everyone wants their book reviewed. A few blogs will review your book for free, but most sites and blogs are now charging writers for their reviews.

7. Be Prepared for Change

Always be ready to change up the books you publish. While the market may be great for erotica right now, that can change in a heartbeat. Stay on top of trends and learn to write for different genres. The more types of books you publish, the more likely you will be to capture great sales based on what is trending.

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