Monday, October 5, 2015

What it Takes to Write a Book

There are no ancient mysteries to writing a book. It simply takes a strong desire and will to start, work, and eventually finish writing a book. Here is a list of the most basic things you need to write a book on your own.

1. Determination

You can’t just decide that you want to write a book. You must also be determined to see the project through. Without determination, you will never see your book to the end.

Gaining and keeping determination can be as simple as reading an inspiring quote each day or doing a daily reading of your long-term goals. Writers who have the cash flow might also hire a writing coach to keep them going and to make sure they are reaching their daily writing goals.

2. Scheduling

Creating a schedule is extremely important to the success of a writer. Adapt your schedule so that you are writing during your most creative time. For some writers, this may be in the morning or in the morning and afternoon. Some writers are natural night owls and are at their most creative when the stars are out.

Begin scheduling out your day and choose blocks of time for writing. Keep to your schedule and make writing a part of your daily rituals.

3. Focus

Writing and completing a book takes a lot of focus. You can’t be scatterbrained and expect to be able to finish writing your book. Create your schedule and focus only on writing during the time you have given yourself.

4. Ability to Move Past Self Doubt

Writers can face a lot of self-doubt during the many phases of writing a book. My own personal struggles with self doubt come into play whenever I write a first draft. The trick is to move past your self doubt and don’t let it stop you from writing. Complete the project you are working on no matter what.

5. Hard Work

There are people who think writers have it easy. All they have to do is sit down and begin writing. The truth is, getting your butt in a chair and keeping it planted there can be very hard to do. Determination, proper scheduling, and focus will get you in that chair and ready for the hard work ahead.

6. Willingness to Risk Failure

Not everything you write will be a glorious bestseller. It may be that over half the books you write are complete tossers. However, there will always be that one book that sells well. If you keep at it, there may one day be many great selling books.

Don’t let the fear of failure stop your from writing. View your early works as practice and when you write and publish a total flop, work harder on your next book to overcome what may have been the problem with your earlier book.

7. Expertise

Writers take pride in their expertise. They may have extensive knowledge about ancient history or the maritime wars. They may be geniuses with the English language.

Find your passion and explore everything that interests you. Become an expert in everything that makes you tingle.

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