Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What You Need to Know About Writing Short Kindle Books

Thinking of writing a few Kindle non-fiction short books? Here is what you need to know right now before you get started.

You Will Not Become a Millionaire Overnight

If you do your research and aim your book to a specific group of people, your changes are pretty good that your book will sell well. You will not become a millionaire overnight. In fact, your chances for becoming a millionaire at all on Amazon are pretty slim, but you can still aim to make a living income if you persist. Continue to write and learn, and in a year or two you have the potential to make a decent amount of money.

Not Every Book Will Be a Success

Every writer has had a dud or several duds. I’ve written my fair share of books that barely sell. The difference between myself and others is that I didn’t let this little fact of writer’s life to get me down. It just makes me more determined to keep writing and testing out new genres.

You Need to Know Your Audience

Learning about your audience and targeting your short book to a distinct group of people is essential if you want to sell books. The more experience I gain and the more trials and errors I put myself through, this is one fact that is standard. I wish I would have fully understood the need to research an audience before I started writing my Kindle books. I feel as though I would have had far fewer duds and the great sales that I have now that I research my audience.

Outlining is Essential

I can’t say it enough: you need to outline your non-fiction book before your write it. This is an absolute must, especially when you are writing short books because you have only so much room (and time) to give all the facts and steps.

Not Everyone is Going to Like You or Your Book

How many of you pay attention to your book reviews? I used to check mine every day, then once a month, and now I check them barely at all. There will be people that absolutely hate your book. Hell, one woman is so vindictive that she hates me and everything I do, and she lets the world know about it in her reviews. Guess what? I don’t care. I’ll just keep writing my books and getting those beautiful direct deposits at the end of each month.

Dictating Your Book is Easy With Short Books

I was never a big fan of speaking my books, but after trying it out with a short book, I can see all of the advantages. Speak your book. Record it. Either type it in later or hire someone else to do it. If you can, get Dragon Naturally Speaking and dictate your book directly into you computer. What a time saver!

You Still Need an Awesome Book Cover

Finally, don’t neglect getting a sleek book cover for your short book. People do judge a book by its cover and, if you want the sales, you will want the best book cover you can design or afford.

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