Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Where to Get Ideas for Writing an eBook

Whenever you get stuck for ideas on what to write about, know that there are oodles of places, both online and offline, that you can visit to wiggle the creativity out of your brain. Here is a list of some of my favorite places to go when I am in a rut for book ideas.

1. Online Ideas for Fiction and Strange Non-Fiction

One of my favorite websites to visit for online fiction ideas is Ancient Origins. I particularly enjoy the history and archaeology section.

There is also the Smithsonian Magazine. With such a great, wide range of articles on the website, you can get inspired to write an historical novel or do a research project into the past.

For the science fiction minded, why not spend an hour reading through articles on Science Daily. Just a glance through the current titles gives me a slew of ideas for fiction.

2. Prepping and Survivalism Online

Prepping is a huge, HUGE topic right now. To get ideas for prepare books, both fiction and non-fiction, check out Mother Earth News. I’ve been getting their magazine for years and it, along with their website, is always chocked full of ideas for books.

You can also browse through the American Preppers Network for further study into what preppers are most interested in.

3. Business and Money Ideas

There are oodles of great online resources for business and money ideas for books. One of my favorite websites is Entrepreneur. I visit this website almost daily. The same with Money.

Another great place to check out is the Warrior Forum. You could easily lose a week reading through everything here.

4. Libraries and Bookstores

Sometimes I feel like I live at the library. There are great libraries and their are small, meager libraries. I visit them all and browse through their non-fiction section and I borrow a bunch of books on disc.

Used book shops are another favorite place for me to get new book ideas. The local Goodwill store sells used books for 25 cents a piece. I can walk in there with a handful of change and walk out with a stack of old books, mostly from the 1970s. I’ve built up my recipe book library this way and my craft book library. All are books that I use for research and inspiration.

5. Events

I like to play the “what if” game at events and do a bit of people watching. It doesn’t matter what event you are attending, it is always a perfect setting for a story. Dead bodies can be found, people make eye contact and fall in love for the first time, and then there is the sinister government plot to sterilize the populations with a secret chemical added to the milkshakes. Look around yourself, wherever you are and make up plots as you go.

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