Friday, October 2, 2015

Why You Should Create a List of Book Titles to Write

Constantly writing and researching, it is easy for me to come up with multiple book titles in a single sitting. Even in the middle of the night, I will wake up with an idea that needs to be written out as a book title. Why write book titles instead of ideas? Let me explain.

Why Book Titles?

I’ve been publishing my writing since 1997 and the reason I never run out of ideas is because I keep lists of book titles I come up with throughout the day. For example, let’s pretend I am doing research for a book on knitting easy scarves. In my research (and I have spent many hours in the past researching knitting patterns), I find patterns for slippers and hats that I can easily adapt for knitting beginners. That’s two ideas for two different books. To remember these ideas, I will add two new titles to my list of books to write: Beginners Knitting Patterns for Slippers and Beginners Knitting Patterns for Hats.

Suddenly, it dawns on my that I am a left handed knitter and I can write a book on this topic, as well. So, I add Beginner’s Guide to Left Handed Knitting.

I don’t check to see if these titles are already in use. I simply write the titles and come back to them later, when I am ready to use one for a book.

Writing Descriptive Book Titles

Jotting down ideas as you get them is a necessity for all writers. How you write down your ideas is a choice.

When I write my titles, I use descriptive keywords. Instead of writing the idea, “write a book for left handed knitters,” I simply write the possible title of the book which describes the content, “Beginner’s Guide to Left Handed Knitting.”

I do the same with fiction ideas. For example, I might dream up a scenario or a basic plot point. The first things I do is come up with a title that captures the mood of the book I think I might write. When I am ready to write the book, I use the title as inspiration.

Triggering More Ideas

One idea will trigger more ideas. Right now, and always, I have my page of titles opened up on my computer screen. My main list, containing well over 1,000 titles, has titles for both books, blog posts, and articles. When I was looking through that list a moment ago, it triggered the idea to write this post.

A quick glance through my list will trigger other ideas, as well. Let’s see… Improving Your Writing Skills Through Guided Meditation, How to Find Inspiration for a New Book Series, and Writing Lists for Profits. None of these titles were originally on my list, but I was able to come up with them just by glancing at what I already have. Now, I get to add them to my forever growing list.

Try It Out

The next time you come up with a kernel of an idea for a book (or a blog post), phrase the idea into a title. Write it down and keep a copy of it on your computer. Mull it over and add more potential titles to your list. Keep doing this until you have more titles than you could write in a lifetime.

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