Monday, November 9, 2015

10 Characteristics of Successful Self Publishers

What characteristics make self publishers successful? What can you do to make your own self publishing endeavors sell? Learn the 10 characteristics and apply them to your own work.

1. Take Charge

Self publishers don’t just write a book and then kick back for a 2 week vacation. They take charge. They not only write their books, they get their books edited and a cover designed. They take control of the marketing and interact with their customers.

2. Research

Before they begin writing a book, self publishers research the market to see if other books in their niche or genre are selling. They study the writing styles of other authors and they research the topics of their own books before they begin writing.

3. Determination

Determination is the one necessary trait all successful self publishers have. They are determined to write their books and they are determined to see their books sell.

4. Experts

Self publishers are experts in many things. They are the Jills and Jacks of many trades, and they pride themselves in knowing, experiencing, and learning new things. They also have the tendency to take an interest and research it to the point of being an expert. They are not afraid of hard work or failure.

5. Can See Past the Naysayers

Everywhere you go, there will always be people who say you can’t do something, that you can’t make a real living writing and publishing books, and then they’ll tell you to “get a real job.” Self publishers are a strong group of people who have learned to block out the naysayers and prove them wrong.

6. Overcome Self Doubt

There’s no room for self doubt in publishing. Self publishers force themselves to overcome any feelings of insecurity or inferiority. Staying positive is part of the job.

7. Treat Their Career Seriously

Publishing books is not just for fun and the activity is not taken lightly. Serious thought is given as to what types of books to write and publish. Money is keenly managed.

8. Focus

The ability to focus is extremely important. It allows self publishers to not only start new projects, but also finish their projects on time.

9. Love Learning

Self publishers love to learn new things. They are constantly reading books, taking real life and online classes, and visiting museums. They know that learning new things helps boost their creativity and exposes them to new ideas to explore and write about.

10. Know When to Take Breaks

Successful self publishers know when it is time to step away from work and take a break. They know that too much hard work and not enough break time can cause burnout and leave them unable to work for days or even weeks. Self publishers take breaks and they take vacations.

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