Tuesday, November 3, 2015

8 Steps to Prepare to Write a Nonfiction Book

You are psyched and all ready to sit down to begin writing your non-fiction book, but as the old Benjamin Franklin saying goes, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Here are the steps you need to take before you begin writing your book.

1. Straighten Up Your Work Area

If you don’t already have a work area, now is the time to set up a little area where you can work and keep all of your books you will need for research. While you don’t have to be bound to a desk to write your book, you should have a home-base work area where you can keep everything.

If you already have a work area for writing, take a moment to straighten it up. Make sure you have everything you need for writing your book, including pens and index cards for those moments when you need to write a note-to-self.

2. Healthy Snacks

Make or purchase healthy snacks for yourself. If possible, preplan or pre-make your meals for the next couple of days. You need to keep yourself fueled for all the writing you plan on doing, so you may as well make it healthy.

3. Decide on Your Book’s Purpose

You probably already have a good idea on what you are going to write about. To keep yourself focused on your book, write down its purpose (ex. to teach busy mom’s how to manage their time more efficiently) and post the purpose in a visible area in your work area.

4. Choose a Title

Title your book. Write down a list of possible titles and research them. Make sure the titles aren’t already in use on Amazon.com and eliminate the titles that are. Choose the best title that is left on your list.

5. Gather Reference Material

Search your bookshelves and get to the library. Gather as many books and magazines about your subject as you can. Search the internet and begin pulling up pages with possible material you can use in your outline.

6. Research

Begin researching your book. Copy notes and cut and paste them from other websites. Gather as much relevant material as you possibly can.

7. Outline

Organize your notes into an outline. Break your book down into titled chapters and cut and paste the relevant notes into each section.

8. Make a Writing Schedule

After all this, you are finally prepared to write your book. Make a plan of action and create a writing schedule. Work in straight time or work in small blocks of time. Keep to your schedule until your first draft is complete.

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