Sunday, November 15, 2015

Article Template for "10 Ways to"

Many new writers don't know how to write a basic list article and other writers just can't get organized to get a list article done in one hour or less. One trick I have learned after years of writing and publishing articles is that you need a simple format. With a format you create a method that you can grow used to, and a template simplifies everything.

While I work almost exclusively in Word or TextEdit, here is the most basic template I set up for myself when writing "10 Ways to" articles. Click on the image to enlarge.

How to Use Template

When people use the search engine, they commonly type in "ways to" do something. Your article can be about almost anything: 10 Ways to Catch a Suntan, 10 Ways to Find Buried Treasure, 10 Ways to Wear Lipstick, and so on.

You can throw an adjective into the title, as well. 10 Amazing Ways to Remove Belly Button Lint, 10 Weird Ways to Lure a Frog, and 10 Unbelievable Ways to Make a Codpiece.

After you have chosen your title, you are going to skip the introduction. Introductions are written last because you don't know what you are introducing yet.

Break your article down into 10 parts with 10 different subtopic titles.

After you have written your subtopics down, you are going to skim the internet and possibly books for notes. Add one to four facts per subtopic.

And related facts that cover the subject of your article can be jotted in the introduction section.

Word Count

Long blog posts and articles do better on Goggle than the short ones. When you break an article down into 10 sections plus an introduction, you are giving yourself an easy way to create 1,000 word plus articles.

Plan on writing at least 100 words per section. Mathematically, the entire article would then be 1,100 words. However, one or maybe even two sections won't warrant a full 100 words. In those cases, that 100 word introduction makes up for the lost word count, ensuring that your article is, at the very least, 1,000 words long.

Making It Easier

I also find that breaking an article of blog post down into small bits makes it so much easier to write. The task doesn't seem as daunting and you will feel good about yourself and your article as you complete each little section.

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