Monday, November 16, 2015

Blogging While Camping

Camping has got to be one of the best ways to come up with nonfiction and fiction blog, article, and book ideas. When camping, you get to explore new areas, new sensations, new activities and survival skills, and you get to dream.

I’m talking about tent camping, of course. If you ever get the opportunity to rough it for a weekend or a whole week, take the opportunity.

Writing Essentials to Take

Start with the basics: pen or pencil and a paper tablet or two. When technology fails, these are the standbys.

Lighting. You will not only need flashlights while camping, but you should get a decent lamp for those late nights, when the woods are alive, and you can’t sleep.

Next, the technology.

Have you tried typing on your phone? I did it a few times the other year. Not the most productive way to type, but it worked in a pinch.

iPads work well while camping. They are small, easier to type on than a phone, and they take a shorter time to charge than a laptop. If you have a tablet that can take photos, all the better. You can take pictures on the spot for blog posts and articles.

Laptops are wonderful, although bulky. If something happens, it is more expensive to replace a laptop than an iPad or similar tablet.


Most campgrounds do not have wi-fi, but that is not a problem. Many fast food places offer their customers free wi-fi. Create a schedule where you spend time working on your writing and then spend a few minutes with a cup of coffee, uploading your posts or articles to the internet.

Of course, you could have blogged ahead of time to cover the days you would be without the internet and, upon getting home, get your new content online.

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