Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Does Every Blog Book Read the Same?

I read a lot of books on writing, blogging, and SEO. Sadly, they all sound the same. I scrounge through book after book, from hardcopies to Kindle books and I cannot find a single new or unique idea within them. It is all a rehash of the same old crap and all of that crap is available for free online.

Yesterday, I skimmed through 5 Kindle books on blogging. Each had the same, tired old advice. None of them actually covered how to write a blog post, but there are other books sitting in my account on that subject.

Each of the 5 books recommend guest posting. Guest posting used to work, but it doesn't amount to crap these days.

Each of the books blathered on about SEO. SEO can only get you so far, and you can ignore SEO entirely and just focus on writing good content. Good content will automatically bring in good traffic. No need for bells, whistles, or those horrible spinning gifs from the 1990s (flashing back to the horror that was Geocities long ago).

Tomorrow I plan on finishing up the last of my Kindle books on blogging. I will be banning myself from reading another blog book for the next year or two. There is nothing new or delicious in these books anymore and content is being rehashed by internet newbies.

I miss the days when the internet was vibrant and new and each day brought some exciting discovery. And yes, I still hear the call of ICQ in my sleep and wish I could slap someone with a wet trout. That is how long I've been cruising these halls.

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