Sunday, November 29, 2015

How to Find More Time for Reading

Studies have shown that the wealthy read more books than those in the $35k and below income range. Do you think that they read more books because they are wealthy or that they can contribute some of their wealth success to their love of reading? According to the experts, reading self help books, educational books, and career related books is what gives people a boost in their income. So why not make more time for reading? The worst that can happen is you become smarter than you already are.

Schedule Reading Time

Everyone should have a basic schedule of their daily routines, from going to work to when they eat their meals. Eke out a 30 minute time slot in your days to dedicate to reading.

Read Before Sleep

Read a chapter or two before you go to bed. Most people have a bit of free time before they go to sleep at night. Use that time to get some reading done.

Borrow Library Books

If you want to light a fire under your butt, borrow some library books. Library books have a due date, so you’ve got to read them before they are due back.

Book Stashes

Keep books stashed in different places. Keep one in the bathroom for when you have a few minutes to sit. Keep a book or two in the living room and in you car. Any time there is a free moment, take the opportunity to read a page or two.

Speed Reading

Learn how to speed read. There are many books and articles available that teach speed reading. Find a technique that works for you and increase the amount of reading you do.

Digital Books

Always on the go? Start reading digital eBooks. Download books onto your phone and read them whiner a free moment presents itself.

Stop Reading Junk

Cut out reading social media feeds and click bait articles. If you want to learn about money or wealth building “tricks,” turn to books instead. You will get more in-depth material from books than from social media.

Audio Books

Buy or borrow audio books for your commute. Many public libraries carry audio books and you can borrow them for free. Audio books are a great way to catch up on what everyone else is reading. Self help books are also great for long car rides.

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