Sunday, November 22, 2015

How to Write a Book About Yourself

Think you’ve had an exciting life? Many people do, and the common reaction is, “I should write a book about it.”

Anyone can sit down and write an autobiography, but unless you are famous, not many people will want to read about your life. Here are some ways you can create interest in your book and how you should approach the task of writing it.

1. Focus on What’s Interesting

People don’t want to read about your life starting at your birth and ending at the present date. Instead, focus on one important chapter of your life. An example would be the start of your drug addiction and all the ups and downs you experienced while hooked. End it with yourself in rehab getting clean. You could also start with how you became incarcerated, your experiences in the prison system, and what you are now doing to improve your life.

2. Embellish

That’s right. Embellish your story, but don’t lie. If you were to tell your story exactly how it happened, step by step, you will bore your readers. Instead, use your adjectives and verbs. Show, don’t tell your audience what happened.

3. Create a Timeline

Your first step to preparing your book is to write out a timeline of the events you want to cover. This is sort of like outlining.

4. Learn Plot Structure

Like it or not, to be a best seller, you will have to work the events into a plot structure. The most common plot structure used is the W diagram. When people sit down to read your book, they expect the introduction of you, the main character, and the setting. Something has to happen that sets up the reason for the rest of your story. You will then take the reader through all your ups and downs, and you will end with a conclusion to your story.

5. Characters

You can’t include everyone in your book. To tell your story, you may need to cut out some of the background people. This means that I, the reader, do not need to know the name and life history of the neighbor whose only line in the book is “Good morning.” Trim out unnecessary characters.

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