Saturday, November 21, 2015

How to Write a Book That Inspires People

Inspiring people through writing can seem like a difficult task. How do you convince people to do the right thing, the healthiest thing, and the best thing? These seven tips on inspiring people will help you focus on what you should share with your readers.

1. Be a Real Person

Absolutely no one is perfect. When writing a book that is meant to inspire others to do things, such as lose weight, go green, or change their perceptions, never portray yourself as the perfect individual. Show your readers your faults and how you strive to overcome them.

2. Lead by Example

Give as many examples as you can uncover. Why does your method work? How has it changed you? Show your readers what you are doing differently and how it has forever altered your life. How has your method or technique changed other people’s lives?

3. Don’t Brag

As a little girl, I was sent to camp one summer. It was there that I met my first braggart. The boy would always interrupt conversations stating that he did that, he had that, he’s got better, and he’s the best. None of us wanted to be around him. We would run and hide if we saw him coming up the trail towards us.

Don’t be a braggart. Keep things real and honest.

4. Identify Hurdles and Give Solutions

No one lives a perfect life and everyone faces hurdles. Identify the hurdles your readers may face and provide them with actionable solutions.

5. Keep Positive

If you want to inspire people, never take a dive into anger, hate, and resentment. Remain positive and determined, even in the face of adversity.

6. Give Hope

Provide your readers with hope. There will be days when your readers will feel like they just can’t do what you are suggesting. They need a boost in confidence to keep on going. This can be true of any group of people, from dieters to weight lifters to investors. Focus your readers on their own inner strength to help them pull through their darker moments.

7. Show the Rewards

The easiest way to inspire readers is to show them the rewards. Show them the open doors and the possibilities. Assure them that not even the sky is the limit to their abilities.

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