Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How to Write Great Non-fiction Kindle eBook Titles

When it comes to non-fiction, your title is what sells your book. Your title tells potential buyers what to expect from your book.

Some writers have a difficult time coming up with a good title to use. They can get caught up in word plays or want to appear clever when titling their ebook. Avoid these two traps when writing non-fiction ebooks for Kindle. You want to choose a direct title that tells the reader exactly what the book is about.

What Question is Answered?

The easiest way to come up with a great non-fiction ebook title it to ask, "What question does my book answer?"


You just finished writing an ebook on building birdhouses with kids.
The question your ebook has answered is, "How to build birdhouses with children."
The best title for your ebook is Building Birdhouses with Children.

You want to write an ebook about growing strawberries in the backyard.
The question your ebook will answer is, "How to grow strawberries in the backyard."
The best title for your ebook is Growing Strawberries in Your Backyard.

The Value of Subtitles

Adding subtitles to your title helps get more traffic to your ebook. Adding subtitles is like adding SEO (search engine optimization) value. You can add more keywords to your ebook by adding a subtitle. The best way to do this is to think of what other phrases potential readers might be searching for.


Building Birdhouses with Children:
Easy Birdhouse Patterns and Instructions

Growing Strawberries in Your Backyard:
Beginners Guide to Starting and Maintaining a Strawberry Garden

Both of these subtitles add more depth as to what your ebook is about, so when someone searches on Amazon for a book on strawberry gardens for beginners, your book will show up in the search results even though strawberry gardens for beginners is not the actual title of your book.

Make It Easy to Be Found

The purpose of your non-fiction ebook title is to be found. You want your book to be shown in the search results when a potential reader types in keywords, such as "easy birdhouse patterns" or "growing strawberries for beginners." Present your ebook title as an answer to the reader's question and add a subtitle to include other keywords a reader might use to find a book on your subject.

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