Monday, November 9, 2015

How to Write an Introduction for a Nonfiction Kindle Book

When a potential reader takes a look inside your Kindle book, the first thing she will see is your introduction. Your introduction will either hook the reader and make her want to buy your book, or she will lose interest and move on.

Write It Last

Before I go into how to write the introduction for your nonfiction Kindle book, keep in mind that you will be writing your introduction last. After you have completed all the chapters to your book, you will need to take what you have written and condense it down into benefits. Ask yourself how the reader will benefit from reading your book and why should the reader buy your book.

Hook Sentence

Start off with a hook sentence. Skip the common practice of saying, “Thank-you for buying my book.” After reading a few hundred Kindle books with this intro start, I am sick of seeing it.

The hook sentence is what grabs the reader’s interest and encourages him to read on. A common practice is to start the first sentence with a question. Example, “Have you ever wanted to write a book in a weekend?”

Another way to hook a reader is to start off with a fact. It has to be an interesting fact and relate directly to what your book is about.

What the Book Covers

After you have enticed the reader with a hook sentence, your next step is to tell the reader what your book is about. Example, “This book will teach you how you can write an entire book in one weekend. All you have to do is follow the hour-by-hour guidelines.”

Why You Wrote the Book

Tell the reader why you wrote this book. Keep it limited to one paragraph. Anything longer and the reader will quickly get bored.


Finally, finish off by telling the reader all the benefits he will receive if he reads your book. Example, “By the time you have finished my weekend writing program, you will have completed your first nonfiction book. You will see how easy it is to write books in a weekend, and you will want to repeat the process again and again, building up your passive income as you continue to write and publish more weekend books.”

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