Sunday, November 1, 2015

The W Diagram of the Modern Dramatic Plot

The most basic plot has a beginning (introduction), middle (conflict), and end (resolution). The modern dramatic plot is more complex than the basic plot. It pulls readers into a story that has its ups and downs.

The “W” Diagram

AG: The straight line from A to G is the intent of the story. It is what the story’s protagonist wants to achieve.
AB: An increase in tension. Something stands in the protagonist’s way to achieving his goal.
BC: A small victory. The protagonist may have just overcome his first barrier.
CD: Intense action. Everything looks like it is going to be great.
DE: The rug gets pulled out from under the protagonist. Things were looking so good and then another barrier stands in the protagonist’s way.
EF: Disaster. Just when things don’t seem like they could get any worse, they do.
FG: Resolution. The protagonist pulls through, achieves his goal, and wins the day.

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