Friday, November 13, 2015

Write an eBook About Your Job Experience

Your Daytime Job Can Inspire Your Next Book

A few years ago, I did something completely out of character - I applied for a job at the local hospital and got it. For the next year, I was trained and worked as a Patient Safety Monitor. My work put me into one-to-one situations caring for violent, suicidal, and absentminded patients. Many of the patients in my care had already hit a nurse, thrown things, spat, attempted suicide, or tried to leave the hospital. I loved and hated my job, but it certainly gave me plenty of writing material.

Let me clarify something before I move on, I LOVED my patients. Each individual provided me with a lifetime of learning and understanding. I felt for them. I understood their anger, their confusion, and their addictions. I left my job because of the staff. And I will say no more.

Put Your Knowledge into an eBook

Whatever your job is, there is always someone who wants to know:

  • how you got your job
  • what are the educational requirements, if any
  • skills needed
  • what you do day to day
  • the pros and cons

I don't care if you work at McDonalds or in the government, there are people out there who want to know about your job.

Angle and Title

Your title is what brings people to your ebook page. Choose the angle of your book and let your title reflect it. For example:

  • the secrets of working at a fast food restaurant
  • what it takes to be a police officer
  • how to get a job in the post office
  • entry level jobs with Homeland Security

Whatever you do for a living, you probably know enough about your job to write about it off the top of your head. Use all of this to your advantage and write your ebook.

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