Thursday, December 10, 2015

10 Days to Write a Short Book Part-time

To write a book in ten days part-time, begin day one when you have off from regular work and can sink 5 or more hours into getting your book set up so that you can spend the remaining days writing your short book on a part-time schedule.

Day 1

Begin searching for a topic to write about. First, start with a list of your skills and interests. Research the keywords you used to find possible titles for your book. Create a list of several titles and check out the titles on to see if there is another book with the same title. If there is, tweak the title until you have an original title. This should take you no more than an hour.

Research. After you’ve decided on what your book is going to be about and you have chosen the book’s title, it is time to do research.

One method for doing this is to check out the table of contents of similar books and start planning out your own chapters and subsections. After you’ve broken your book down into chapters and subsections, hit the books and the internet to fill out your book with facts.

The second method is to dive right into the research, typing in and cutting and pasting information into your outline. When you are finished, begin organizing your notes into chapters and sections, naming them along the way.

Research should take no more than 4 hours.

Day 2

Goal: Write 500 -1,000 words.

Your research is complete and your book should be organized into chapters.

Do not write the introduction. Instead, save writing the introduction and the conclusion until after the meat of your book is written.

Start writing the first chapter or begin with any section you most want to write.

Day 3

Goal: Write 500 -1,000 words.

Day 4

Goal: Write 500 -1,000 words.

Day 5

Goal: Write 500 -1,000 words.

Day 6

Goal: Write 500 -1,000 words.

Day 7

Goal: Write 500 -1,000 words.

Day 8

Goal: Write 500 -1,000 words.

Day 9

Goal: Write brief introduction and conclusion.

Keep both the introduction and the conclusion short.

Day 10


Word Count

Following this 10 day writing formula, your book will be from 3,500 to 7,000 words long - just the right length for a short book.

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