Saturday, December 12, 2015

10 Reasons Why Writers Are So Attractive

Harlan Ellison has a brain that can’t be matched, and a mouth that’s just as quick. Neil Gaiman is a dream. J. K. Rowling is a writer I would just love to spend a bit of time with. And no one can match Robert A. Heinlein’s power of observation.

All writers have at least two of the ten unique traits that make them so attractive to others.

1. Mysterious

Writers have an aura about them. There’s always something there that they aren’t telling us about. They are fascinating people that can be easily misunderstood by the masses.

2. Creative

Writers, by their very nature, are creative people. They can take a tiny grain of thought and churn it into an immaculate concept. They express their creativity, not only in writing, but in their day to day lives.

3. A Bit Touched

Writers can be odd, weird, or just a bit touched. They can express themselves in many ways, from unusual outbursts to strange daily rituals. They make life interesting.

4. Good Listeners

Writers are great listeners by trade. They are always exploring new ideas and new perspectives. People fascinate them to no end and writers will listen to them and explore what they have to say.

5. They Dream

Writers spend a lot of time mucking around inside their own heads. They are dreamers, always picking at things to explore and write about. When you become close to a writer, he will let you into his world and share some of his magic.

6. Easy to Be Around

Writers are often very friendly people. They may seem quiet or aloof, but after you get to know one you will find her to be very easy to be around.

7. Intellectually Stimulating

Writers make other people think. They discuss ideas and explore different angles. They enjoy playing the role of devil’s advocate. Their conversations are meaningful and they enjoy sharing their thoughts with others.

8. Observant

Writers own the power of observation. They make mental notes of all the things they see, hear, taste, smell, and feel. They are people watchers. They observe society’s ebbs and flows. Nothing gets by them.

9. Inwardly Motivated

Writers are motivated by their innermost thoughts and feelings. They don’t need a cheerleader to get them moving. When you want to motivate a writer to do something, appeal to her emotional side and her passions.

10. Immortal

All writers have an air of immortality about them, and their writing can make other people immortal, as well. Unlike vampires that thrive on the life force of others, writers pour out their life force into their writing and send it out into the world where it will dwell forevermore.

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