Thursday, December 17, 2015

10 Ways to Get in More Reading

Writers not only love to read, they are also encouraged to get in as much reading as possible during the day. Here are 10 ways you can increase the amount of reading you get done.

1. Keep a Book on You

Always keep a book on you. Keep a paperback in your backpack or purse. Keep a book in the car. Take a book along with your for every appointment. You never know when a free moment will happen.

2. Book It in the Bathroom

Keep a book or a magazine in the bathroom. Have a long, quiet sit and read a chapter or two. If you are worried about interruptions, rub your belly before going into the bathroom and tell your spouse or kids that it must have been something you ate. Odds are, they won’t go near the bathroom door.

3. Audio Books

Listen to audio books in the car. Catch up on the classics or listen to the latest popular books.

4. eBooks

Buy ebooks for your smartphone. Get some reading done while on the go or while you are sitting through a boring office meeting.

5. Read Before Bed

Make reading before going to sleep a part of your nightly ritual. Go to bed an hour earlier than normal and read a chapter or two before turning off the light. If you have a partner in bed with you, buy a book light so that your reading doesn’t disturb her or him.

6. Stick with Interests

Read only books that interest you. You are more likely to be motivated to read a book if it sounds exciting to you. Don’t worry about what everyone else is reading.

7. Weekly Library Visits

Visit local libraries on a weekly basis to see what new books they have. Browse through their inventory and find treasures.

8. Join a Book Reading Club

Join a book reading club that is tailored towards your interests. If you can’t find a book club that reads your favorite genre, then start your own book club. Make friends with other readers.

9. Learn Speed Reading

Learn how to speed read. Also, skip over paragraphs of pages in a book that don’t interest you. If an author is dragging on about a scenery description, skim through the section until you are back onto the plot.

10. Stop Reading What You Don’t Like

You don’t have to finish reading a book your don’t like. I get hundreds of hand-me-down books every year and I donate most of these books to the library because they didn’t catch my interest within the first chapter. There is no written law that says you must finish a book you’ve started. If you don’t like the book, donate it and start on the next book.

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