Friday, December 18, 2015

10 Ways to Put Yourself in the Mood to Write

There will be days when you can’t sit down fast enough to begin writing and days where the last place you want to be is in your seat. Here are some great ways to put yourself in the mood to write any day, at any time.

1. Music

Set the mood for your novel with classical music. It doesn’t have to be the “boring” stuff people imagine when they hear the words “classical music.” I like to listen to Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana and Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries makes my fingers fly on the keyboard.

2. Write a Limerick

Break the ice by writing a limerick. Make it raunchy, make it cute, or make it related to the book you are working on. Sometimes your brain just needs a little break from writing the same thing all the time. Change the work up a bit by writing a limerick or even a haiku. Get your brain churning.

3. Decorate

Never be afraid to decorate your work area to set the mood for writing. If you write romance novels, create an area of romance around your desk or display items from the time period you’ve chosen for your novel. Horror novel? Break out the Halloween decorations. Do what you need to do to set yourself in the mood to write your book.

4. Change Location

Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery. If you find yourself dragging your feet to your workspace, consider finding another place to write, even if it is just for the day. Do your writing in an internet cafe or any restaurant that provides free wifi. You can take your laptop to the park or go old style and sit on a park bench with a pen and paper tablet.

5. Light Candles

Burn some midnight oil and light a candle or two to set the mood for just about any genre. Buy aromatherapy candles and get more inspirational bang for your buck.

6. Create a Pre-Writing Ritual

Many famous authors use pre-writing rituals to prepare themselves for writing. The pre-writing ritual can be just about anything, from quickly organizing your desk to taking a shot or two of your favorite booze and pacing around a room.

7. Exercise

Exercise is a great way to put yourself in the mood to write, although, to be honest, sometimes when I give myself the choice to either exercise or start writing, I will choose writing. My brain sees writing as the lesser punishment.

8. Burn Incense

Smells can trigger our brains to feel a wide range of different emotions. Different floral scents can trigger the feelings of spring or summer, and this will reflect in your writing. Explore different scents and see how each affects your mood and your productivity.

9. Bribe Yourself

I just need to type in 250 words and then I can have 1 Skittle. Another 250 words, and I get another Skittle. Little acts of bribery work great if you can bribe yourself with little things that you want. As long as there are red, purple, or orange Skittles in the bag, I can keep chugging out those 250 words.

10. Allow Yourself to Do Nothing Else

Force yourself to be in the mood to write. Sit in your chair and don’t allow yourself to do anything else unless it involves writing. Eventually your mind will consent to writing over doing nothing.

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