Saturday, December 19, 2015

7 Ways Writers Can Increase Their Energy Levels

It is not surprising that so many writers complain about having low energy levels. Day in and day out we sit at our computers, writing our books, articles, and blog posts, and we forget to do healthy things to raise our energy levels. Here is a list of seven things you can easily do to increase your energy and, as a bonus, improve your work.

1. The Cold Shower

Studies are showing that taking a cold shower in the morning is not only healthier than a hot shower, but it can also increase your mental alertness. Personally, when I give myself the option of either taking a cold shower or going straight to work, I will always choose to get to work. This body does not like cold showers.

2. Exercise

You won’t get the exercise lecture from me because you’ve heard it all before. I exercise all the time while I am writing and when I take my breaks. Some days I manage up to three hours of exercise altogether. It really does help boost energy levels.

3. Eat Healthy Foods

It is not difficult to switch from unhealthy snacks to healthy snacks. If you are too busy or are a terrible cook, start shopping in the health food stores and in the organic food section of the grocery store. There are plenty of healthy alternatives to regular boxed pizza and chicken nuggets. Snack on nuts, such as cashews, to increase your magnesium intake which may help boost your energy levels. Buy pre-cut fruits and vegetables, and check out the raw food diet. It requires absolutely no cooking skills to eat a raw carrot.

4. Walk the Block

If you’re feeling a tad bit sluggish, get your sneakers on and take a quick, brisk walk around the block. You will get some fresh air, increase the oxygen to your brain, and have time to think over your current writing project.

5. Sit By a Sunny Window

Move your work desk so that you get plenty of sun while you are working. If this isn’t possible, take 15 minute breaks to sit by a sunny window or sit outside.

6. Drink Water

Mild dehydration can cause a person to feel sluggish. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and add a squirt of lemon to it. Lemon scent is proven to improve a person’s mood, making it a popular scent in many housecleaning products.

7. Play Some Music

Listening to upbeat music with no vocals can help you increase your energy levels while not distracting you from writing.

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