Tuesday, December 1, 2015

8 Reasons Why You Should Start Self Publishing Today

People are turning to self publishing in higher numbers than ever before. Thanks to platforms like Kindle and Smashwords, self publishing is now cheap and easy to do. Of course, there are other reasons why so many people are turning to publishing their own works.

1. You Are the Boss

The great thing about self publishing is that you are the boss. You make your own decisions and decide what to write about and the length of the manuscript.

2. Take Risks

Unlike traditional publishers, as a self publisher, you get to take risks. You can mix genres, dabble in non-traditional plots, and create characters and situations that normal publishers wouldn’t dare touch.

3. Earn More Money

When you are self publishing your books, you have the potential to earn more money on your own than if you were to publish your books through a traditional publisher. If you are publishing on Kindle and your books are priced between $2.99 and $9.99, you will earn 70% of your sales. That is far higher than the 5% to 30% you might earn from a traditional publisher.

4. Control the Edits

You control of edits of your manuscript. When you hire an editor, you control which edits to make to the final manuscript and you control the ultimate destination of your story.

5. Set Your Deadlines

You set your own deadlines. You can make your writing schedule conform to the times that work best for you. You answer to yourself and you meet your own goals.

6. Marketing

You are also in charge of your own marketing. Yes, you can hire someone else to do the marketing for you, but in the beginning, you will want to learn the ins and outs of marketing a book.

7. Longer Shelf Life

Traditional books have a short shelf life because publishers are always on the lookout for the latest trending topics and bookstores only want to stock the best selling books. When you self publish on platforms like Kindle, you control the shelf life of your books. Even after book sales start to dwindle down to only a few sales a month, you have the option of updating the books, launching a new marketing plan for the books, or simply let them keep on selling the way that they are.

8. Control of Pricing

You control the price of your book, especially digital books. This means that you can write a bunch of short, 5,000 word books and sell them for 99 cents - a price that many will pay. Or when you have a $4.99 book that starts to slow down in sales, you can drop the price to $2.99 to see if sales increase again. When you control the pricing and are able to watch the sales, you can work out what prices work best for which books.

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