Thursday, December 3, 2015

8 Steps to Writing a How To Book

The words “how to” get around 246,000 searches a month in the U.S. on Google. People everywhere want to know how to do something, how to make something,, how to build something, and more. “How to” is popular and that is why so many authors write how to books.

1. Choose a Subject

What type of how to book you write depends mostly on what you already know and where your interests lie. Your first task to writing a how to book is to decide on what subject you are going to write about.

2. Research

After you have chosen a how to subject, your next step is to start your research. This can be done online or in the library. Gather notes on your subject. Use index cards or begin typing in your notes immediately.

3. Outline

Often, outlining and research happens at the same time. As you gather your research, start organizing it into sections. Create a basic outline listing the chapters as titles. Fill in the chapters with notes and personal thoughts. If you are writing a step by step how to book, turn each step into a chapter. If I were to turn this blog post into a book outline, it would look like this:

10 Steps to Writing a How To Book
1. Choose a Subject
2. Research
3. Outline

4. Begin Writing

Now you begin working on the body of your book. Use your outline and your notes to write your book. Add your personal insights and stories into the chapters to provide the readers with more value.

5. Write Introduction

After you have finished writing the body of your book, your next step is to write the introduction. You introduction should include:

  • Hook sentence to get the reader interested in reading your book.
  • The benefits the reader will get from your book.
  • A brief paragraph on why you wrote this book.

6. Write Conclusion

The conclusion recaps the benefits the reader has received from your book. Remind the reader why this book is important and encourage the reader to follow the steps in the book.

7. Edit

Only edit your book after you have finished writing it. During the editing process you should:

Add more necessary details for your reader and cut out parts that are not directly related to the subject of your book.

Correct all typos and grammatical mistakes.

Smooth over poorly written sentences and paragraphs.

8. Publish

After you have completed all of the steps above, you are now ready to begin the process of publishing. This includes laying out your book and uploading it to Kindle. You will also need to create a book cover or have one made for you.

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