Tuesday, December 8, 2015

9 Reasons Why Writing Nonfiction is Easy for Beginners

Don’t know if you should start out writing fiction or nonfiction? Here are 9 reasons why many people begin their Kindle writing careers writing nonfiction books.

1. You Can Write What You Know

When you are deciding on what to write about for your first book, always stick with what you know. Even if it doesn’t contain high ranking keywords, write about it. It is the perfect first-hand experience for new writers and an easy goal to accomplish.

2. Research is Easy

I could spend weeks just diving into research. Realistically, I have to cut the amount of time for research down to less than a week if I want to stay on schedule. Researching your next book idea is enjoyable, relaxing, and educational.

3. Works with Outlines

If you have never done an outline before, now is the time to learn. While you are researching your book topic, you will also be adding notes to your book’s outline. By the time you are finished with your research, the bulk of your book will already be written.

4. Endless Amount of Topics

You can write a nonfiction book about everything and anything.

5. Easy to Break Down into Niches

When writing Kindle nonfiction books, you will be able to break your main topic down into a smaller niche. You won’t be focusing on covering everything known to man about your topic. Instead, you will be focusing on just one small aspect. For example, instead of writing a book about knitting, you will be writing a Kindle book about knitting scarves.

6. Perfect Excuse to Learn New Things

Do you love to learn new things? Nonfiction gives you permission to explore new places, new crafts, and new techniques. Suddenly, you are not wasting your time, but are doing extensive research into the next book your are going to write.

7. Usually Pays Better than Fiction

When it comes to unknown writers, it is easier to break into the nonfiction field than it is to break into the fiction field. You will earn more money in the beginning as a nonfiction writer.

8. Often Quicker to Write

If you use outlining to plan your book and fill it in with your research, writing the actual book becomes super easy. It’s almost a game of connect-the-dots, but instead you are connecting the facts and tossing in a few personal perspectives and ideas.

9. There are Templates You Can Use

There are formulas and templates for writing nonfiction available online for free. You can easily cut and paste these templates into Word, rename the chapters and subheadings, and begin organizing your research into each section.

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