Monday, January 11, 2016

20 Ways to Inspire Creativity for Writers

1. Take a walk. This is my number one way to get my creative juices flowing. It gets me away from the computer and gets the blood flowing. It also leads into the second way to boost creativity.

2. Take photographs. Getting out of the house and taking pictures is great exercise and it will boost your creativity in ways you never expected. Many of the photographs I have taken have inspired the articles I've written.

3. Visit the library. Browsing through the public library not only shows you what has been already written, but it will give you new ideas on what to write about.

4. Check out the magazine rack. While at the grocery store, check out the magazine on sale. Read through the titles and discover new topics to research and write about. See what's trending.

5. Go to the used book store. I visit the local Goodwill store and buy used books for 25 cents a piece. That's 25 cents worth of limitless inspiration for articles and ebooks.

6. People watching. Find a comfortable place to sit and watch people, such as in the mall or at a fast food restaurant. Nonchalantly listen in on conversations. You will get a lot of character inspiration doing this.

7. Do something you have never done before. Write about it.

8. Get a job. Find a part time job away from your computer. Immerse yourself in it and learn a new trade. Meet interesting and not so interesting people. Study the different characters and write about them. Write about what you do.

9. Read. Reading the classics. Read something you wouldn't normally read. Read the newspaper.

10. Visit a museum. Get inspired by the art and the historical displays.

11. Listen to music. Choose a mood and play to that mood.

12. Read quotes. Choose a quote that inspires you and post it on your wall for the week. Choose a new one each week.

13. Take a road trip. Drive to someplace you have never been before. Check out all the local historical sites, visit the restaurants, and visit the tourist attractions.

14. See a play. Check out the local plays and go to one.

15. Get some exercise. I break up my writing day with exercise. I feel that I always return to my writing with fresh eyes.

16. Create a list. Create a list of titles and things you want to write about. Brainstorm ideas.

17. Watch a documentary. Watch one about something you know will piss you off.

18. Take an online class. Take a class in a brick and mortar building. Learn about something new.

19. Conduct safe experiments on yourself. For example, see if reciting the same mantra three times a day for a week or a month has any effect on you. Test self-hypnosis on yourself. Try out one of the fad diets and see if you lose any weight.

20. Volunteer. Volunteers are amazing people and as a volunteer you will get to meet these amazing people as well as learn about incidents and situations you have never been exposed to before.

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