Thursday, January 21, 2016

5 Reasons Why Book Research is Still Better Than Internet Research

Given the choice between doing my research in books and doing my research online, books win out all the time. Internet research can be tedious. There is a lot of just online that you have to weed out when doing keyword searches. Also, facts are unreliable online. Few people list their sources and those that do use less than reputable online sources. These and other reasons are why books and libraries trump internet research hands down.

1. Original Content

When you go into the library and begin your research in books, you will find original and unique content and ideas. Since so many people do their research online these days, the same ideas are being rehashed over and over again. If you dig deep into books, you will get better ideas for content.

2. More Accurate Facts

The internet is full of baloney. People tout rumors and misconceptions as facts all the time on the internet. It’s so much better and easier to hit the sources directly and double check your facts directly in the library.

3. Far More Relaxing

Sitting next to a stack of books is far more relaxing than getting migraines from the bright computer screen.

4. No Clickbait Spamcrap

The internet is filled with crap and no matter which search engine you use, the crapola is everywhere. Cut out the junk by searching through your library’s catalog system. Find articles and books related to what you are researching quickly and easily.

5. The Library is Free

The library is free. Your home internet isn’t. Don’t use up all your bandwidth on research. Use the library’s internet. Oh, and books can be read without the internet and distractions from email and social media.

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