Sunday, January 10, 2016

Book Writing as an Investment

For the past few years, people have been linking starting a professional blog to making an investment. You put in a bit of money in the beginning, devote hours of work in creating content, and, over time, you will begin to see a return on your investment. At first, it may only be a few pennies a day, but with perseverance, it becomes a few nickels, dimes, quarters, and eventually dollars a day. Given the choice between investing $1,000 dollars in a CD or investing $100 dollars in a blog, you should choose a blog because you will make more money on your investment by only investing a tenth of what you would have to put away in a CD. One can easily argue that it is the same with writing Kindle books.

Money Investment

You can easily create a Kindle book without putting out any upfront money. You can write your own books, do your own editing, do your own layouts using free software or software you already own, and create your own book cover. You can also put some money into your book by hiring a ghost writer to write the book for you, hire someone to edit your book, hire someone to lay out your book, and purchase a book cover design.

Time Investment

Time is the largest investment you will be making into your book. Some people place a dollar sign on their time. If you have nothing else going on, though, you are going to have to build up the value of your time. For instance, let’s say you are currently unemployed and you’ve been sulking around the apartment in a fit of depression. The value of your time is $0. If, however, you decide to invest that time into writing and publishing Kindle books, you will increase the value of your time. As you sell books each month, your time value increases. It might only come out to $5 an hour, at first, but by continuously writing more books you will increase your time value to $10 an hour, $20 an hour, and maybe even $100 an hour.

Earning Returns

When publishing Kindle books, you get a return on your money and time investments. At first this will seem like a small stipend at the end of each month, but as you publish more books, your monthly earnings will also increase.

You might also find that you’ve invested in a few duds. There are dud books, just like there are dud stocks. The only difference is that you can do something with your dud books to make them sell better.

Worth Every Penny

There are a few expenses to writing a Kindle book, such as electricity usage and a portion of your internet fees, but altogether the extra expenses amount to very little. The big theme here are the gains you will make by publishing your own books.

Don’t expect huge returns by publishing 1 or 2 books. Instead, look at it in groups of 10. I’ve noticed my biggest earning increases after publishing my first 10 books and again after I published a total of 20 books. I’m about to hit another big increase as I get ready to publish my 30th book. The more books you successfully publish, the higher your monthly earnings.

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