Saturday, January 23, 2016

Buying Book Reviews for Kindle Books

Before I ever started publishing my own books on Kindle, I was reading up on people who were making a killing writing book reviews for Kindle ebooks. Nearly all of the reviewers admitted that their reviews were dishonest and that they would merely skim through the chapter headings of each book and write a review from that. It didn't matter if the ebook was poorly written, had grammatical errors, or was written to drive people to a money making website. Good reviews could easily be bought.

Where People Buy Fake Reviews

One of the most popular places to buy a fake review is on A quick search for "review kindle" will kick up numerous people willing to give your Kindle book a 5 star review on a verified purchase account on This one review will cost you $5, but, for $50 you can buy 10 positive reviews for one of your books. That is enough to bring in more buyers and get real, organic reviews.

There are also book review packages you can buy from online review businesses. These businesses, all of which can be found by doing a simple search, will cost you about $1,000 for about 50 positive reviews - far more expensive than buying reviews on

Some Known Authors Admit It

To the chagrin of many readers, there have been a small group of writers who have openly admitted to buying positive reviews. Some writers have also gone as far as setting up multiple accounts under different names and begin giving their own books positive reviews on various review websites. By doing this, they are able to build up a fan base faster than if it happened organically.

Practice Pros

There are a number of benefits to buying fake reviews. The first and main reason to buy fake reviews is that it will increase your sales. People buy books based on the look of the book cover, if the content promises something they are looking to read, and the reviews of other customers who have bought and read this book.

You can also build a fan base quicker by creating fake accounts and posting fake reviews. People are, generally, followers. They go with the herd, and if a bunch of people seem to like a particular book or author, they will join the bandwagon.

Practice Cons

Being discovered is one of the top downfalls for writing, buying, and posting fake reviews. Many customers are beginning to understand that many online product reviews are fake, but they still have that glimmering hope that most book reviews are real. When readers discover that a writer has been buying fake reviews, readers will feel betrayed and the author will lose members of his or her fan base.

Buying fake reviews can also lead a writer down a much darker path and into the art of sabotaging competitors books. This is a practice that I have been a victim of - negative reviews written by or bought by competitors to drive out the competition. It is becoming a fairly common practice amongst the hard core Kindle ebook writers/sellers.

Should You Do It?

My personal feeling is that buying positive book reviews is morally wrong. I am sure that there are many writers who would disagree with me.

Buying positive book reviews can increase your initial book sales. If you wrote a great book, then you are boosting your chances of being discovered by millions of readers. If the book you wrote was terribly written and full of grammatical errors, and yet you have 20 positive book reviews, everyone is going to assume that you paid for those reviews and will return your ebook for a refund plus post a negative review. Positive reviews will only fool the readers for so long. The proof is inevitably in the pudding.

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