Sunday, January 24, 2016

Change Your Motive for Writing Nonfiction

I have read one too many Kindle writing "experts" use money as the main motive for writing nonfiction. While I agree that nonfiction books published on Kindle can earn you a good amount of money, putting money as the main motive for writing nonfiction will more than likely produce a sub-standard book.

What Your Writing Motive Should Be

If you want to write and publish nonfiction, your main motive should be to help and inform the reader. You are providing a service and the reader is paying you for it. Therefore, the reader comes first.

Take this into account when you plan out your book. Who are you writing for and what will that person want to know about your subject? If you are writing for beginners, tailor the book's information so that a beginner can follow it and understand it without having to search online and in other books for more information. If you are writing about advanced skills, treat your readers as knowledgeable people and don't add beginner information as book filler.

Write About Something that Interests You

The number two reason for writing nonfiction is because the subject interests you. You can tell when a writer is not interested in the subject of the book. The tone is flat and boring. The book lacks enthusiasm. On the other hand, when you read a book written by someone who loves her subject, her words jump off the page and she makes you want to rush out and tell everyone what she has read.

Writing for Money Makes Bad Books

I can tell when a book is written just for money. It is flat, boring, trite. Sometimes the author will talk down to the reader in the hopes of elevating himself.

Books that are written by people seeking a quick buck are often short. If they are longer, say over 50 pages, it is because the author filled the book with fluff and advertisements to his other products. The books are painful to read and the ads are just annoying.

Getting Past the Dollar Signs

Not everyone becomes a millionaire publishing Kindle books. In fact, the majority of writers get nowhere close to a million dollars. To succeed at publishing and at pleasing your readers, you need to let those dollar signs fall from your eyes and begin publishing books that serve the reader.

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