Saturday, January 30, 2016

Choosing a Nonfiction Niche to Write About

You will read a lot about "finding your niche" when researching ebook and blog topics. A niche (pronounced "neesh") is simply a topic within a broader subject. For example, if you are thinking about creating a book or blog about cats, you can make your main focus of your writing about cat breeds, cat care, or cat training. Each of these three topics is a niche within the subject of cats.

What Are You Good At?

Before you start an ebook or blog, you need to understand what you are good at. Grab a sheet of paper and fold one edge to the center. Bring the other edge of the paper to the center and crease it. When you open the paper, you should have three sections. Feels like school again, doesn't it? But I promise you that this is the best way to discover your niche.

At the top of the first section, write "Good At". Underneath that, I want you to write down everything that you feel you are good at. And please, don't say you are good at nothing. We all have talents and skills.


In the second section, write "Locations" at the top. Underneath that, write down where you live. Also write down any local tourist towns or cities. Do you know if there are a lot of hiking trails in your area? Perhaps the county you live in has a bunch of haunted houses or you live in a farming community with lots of fresh local produce. Anything that has to do with your location, write it down.

What Are Your Interests?

At the top of the third section, write "Interests". This is where I want you to list everything that interests you. You don't have to know a lot about something to list it. If cheese making sounds interesting to you, but you have never made any cheese, list it. I mean it, anything and everything that catches your attention and makes you want to try it out and investigate it.

Keep Going

Don't expect to get this list completed in one sitting or in a day. In fact, keep the list with you for at least two days and keep adding to it.

When you feel that you have a good list, you need to examine all the ideas you have written down. This is how you will find your niche. For example, let's say you live in the Poconos. The area is rich with hiking trails and losing weight is something that interests you. Right there you can come up with a niche or two: hiking to lose weight or hiking trails in the Poconos. Hiking to lose weight will attract readers who are looking for a fun way to actively lose weight. Hiking trails in the Poconos will attract tourists and hikers who are planning their next vacation or outing.

Another example: Let's say you are good at baking cookies and your kids think you are the magical cookie goddess. In your interests, you listed bee keeping, but you don't have the resources (yet) to start up this hobby. Instead, you might want to look into writing about baking cookies with honey. Over time, and as you earn more income, you can expand into bee keeping and create a sister ebook or blog to tie in with your honey cookie writing.

Make a full list of nonfiction niche ideas.

More Niche Examples

Let's say you enjoy sewing, but creating a blog about sewing is just too broad of a topic for one person to cover efficiently. So, for your niche you chose to create a blog about sewing hot pads. Here are a list of more broad subjects that have been broken down into a niche topic that can be turned into an ebook or blog.

  • Sewing -- Hot pads.
  • Knitting -- Knitting sweaters.
  • Crochet -- Crochet magnets.
  • Wood burning -- Fairy wood burning patterns.
  • Cooking -- Skillet meals.
  • Baking -- Casserole recipes.
  • Grilling -- Grilling for beginners.
  • Online income -- Writing for
  • Photography -- Photographing food.
  • iPad -- iPad apps for kids.
  • Chrome Apps -- The best Chrome apps for busy moms.
  • Christianity -- Desserts for Christian holidays.
  • Judaism -- Traditional Jewish meals.
  • Islam -- Islamic crafts for children.
  • Wicca -- Handfasting rituals and traditions.
  • New Age -- Healing the mind with crystals.
  • Beauty -- Natural skin care.
  • Relationships -- Recovering from divorce.
  • Nutrition - Nutrition for toddlers.
  • Exercise - 5 minute exercise routines.
  • Weight loss - Weight loss for women in their 40s.

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