Saturday, January 16, 2016

Creating a Passive Income Writing Short eBooks

Some people portray themselves as writing a Kindle short book and going kaboom with an instant full-time passive income. As someone who has published numerous books on Kindle, I know that building a livable passive income takes time and more than just one book.

First, Know How to Write

It doesn’t matter how many books you write or what topics you write about, if your writing is terrible you are not going to sell books. There is a solution: hire a proofreader. Yeah, it’s an expense, but you will at least get the sales you need to, at minimum, break even if your book is well written.

Another thing to consider is taking writing and grammar courses. I take these courses almost every year. I’ve taken a few through online universities and the rest I took through Udemy and ed2go. They do help people improve their writing skills.

Grammar books also work. In the past I would visit a local university’s library and, in their teaching section, I would take out the student and teacher copies of grammar books. Back at home, I would go through the lessons and correct my mistakes as I went.

Research Your Ideas

Got a book idea that you think is great? Do yourself a favor and research that idea, first. The reason why we research ideas is to first see if anyone else has written a book on the subject. If they have, check how well (or not so well) their book is selling. Also check out the book’s table of contents to see how they organized their book.

Research your book idea on Google’s Adwords using keywords. Find common word usages and begin to develop a high keyword book title and subtitle.

Take Risks

While I researched all of my books before writing them, there were two book ideas that weren’t anywhere on the research radar. In spite of that, I decided to go ahead with writing the books. One of those books earns a good amount each month. The second one earns a smaller amount, but it does sell each month.

My point is, take a risk now and again. You may just be surprised at how well those unheard of topics sell.

Write Lotsa Lotsa

More than likely, you aren’t going to become rich writing just one book. You will need to write many books, especially short books, to build a decent passive income. Make plans to write at least one short book a month. If you can, write one book a week. It’s one of the fastest ways to build a passive income on Kindle.

Prepare Yourself for Duds

Another fact: We’ve all written duds. There is only one thing you can do about it and that’s to keep on writing. At some point you might want to go back and see if the dud is fixable, but right now you need to focus on writing new content.

Be Patient

Not all of your books will start selling immediately. Some books require a bit of maturing. I have found that the more books I publish under a pen name, the more people will start buying the books. Don’t be discouraged if a book doesn’t sell well immediately. Keep on writing and, if you feel it is necessary, begin a marketing campaign to get your books noticed by the public.

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