Thursday, January 14, 2016

Finding a Purpose to the Book You Want to Write

Purpose is essential to writing a good nonfiction book. By deciding on the purpose of your book before you write it, you will make your writing tighter and more defined.

Finding that Purpose

When you come up with a potential idea for a nonfiction ebook or book, you need to ask yourself:

How will this book benefit the reader? Will it provide motivational insight, technical know how, step by step guidance, etc.?

Who is the target of my book? Children, teens, adults, or seniors? Men or women? High school education or college graduate?

Why should the reader buy this book? Will it provide new, insightful information? Does it give personal knowledge on the trials of overcoming a challenge?

Target Your Title

Targeting your book idea for certain groups of people allows your book to be seen by more potential readers. For example, you can target your book towards single moms or single dads. Add either of these catch phrases to your title or subtitle and your book will show up in the results for either single mom or single dad - people who are specifically looking for books to read that are geared towards their situation.

When people search for nonfiction books, they want something that is targeted towards them and their situation. So, let's say you want to write a book about working from home. If you have personal experience at being a single dad, you can write something like "The Single Dad's Guide to Working at Home". Your target audience is the single dad. The benefit you are offering is how to work at home. Voila! Now all you have to do is write content that is targeted directly to single dads.

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