Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Get Motivated to Write a Short Book Today

We sometimes just need a little kick in the right direction to get us motivated to start writing short books and publishing them on Kindle. Here are some great writing motivation tips that I use to get me working.

Pretend to be a Famous Author

During my time working at a hospital, I had days where I would pretend along with the patients in the psychiatric unit that we were on a picnic and there were nights where I would try to convince a sundowner that the mob did not kidnap us for ransom money. My time there, working with my patients, involved a lot of pretend time, but it also got me back in touch with the magical life many children experience.

A favorite thing I like to do is to pretend I am a famous author. While I don’t write in their style, just the act of pretending to be that person, such as Mark Twain, is enough to put me in the mood to write.

Watch Motivational Videos

Do you find yourself killing time on the internet? Stroll over to YouTube and do a search for motivational videos. There are oodles of motivational speakers and music available that can give you the nudge you need to get writing.

Plan for Your Retirement

This is a good one! Who wants to retire poor? Instead, realize that by publishing short books you can build up a good amount of passive income and you can put it all into an investment portfolio.

Look at Your Bills

Ouch! Got bills to pay? Don’t we all? Writing and publishing short books can create the extra income you need to start paying off old debts and that nagging credit card bill.

Set a Number Goal

In one short book, xxxxxxxx, the author sets a number goal of 100 books. Of course, you can aim for a lower number, especially if you are working another job. Instead, aim for something realistic, such as one book a month or one book a week. Set yourself a number goal for how many books you would like to write, write the number on a piece of paper, and pin it on your wall. Give yourself plenty of room to X out the number and reduce by one each time you write and publish a book.

Offer Yourself a Reward

Do you have a favorite restaurant? Promise yourself a date when you finish your book. Plan on doing something you enjoy after you write a short book and don’t skimp! Get a facial, a massage, or treat yourself at a favorite hamburger joint.

Know Why You Are Doing This

Do you know why you want to write books? Is it money (yes, you can admit this to yourself)? Fame? The feeling of personal accomplishment? Whatever your reasons for writing books, write them down and post them on your wall where you can see them.

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