Saturday, January 2, 2016

How to Break Into Guest Blogging

There are many reasons to become a guest blogger. For ebook writers, it gives the opportunity to market an ebook and to share one's expertise on the subject of the ebook. Guest blogging increases the author's visibility. It is also a great way to get a link back to your website, blog, or a link directly to your book.

1. Searching for Blogs

The first step to guest blogging is knowing the keywords to your ebook, blog, or website. For example, if you wrote an ebook about the best places to go fly a kite, you will want to use search phrases like "kite flying blog", "kite hobby blog", and even "kite making blog". Examine the listings on the first page and click through any that look interesting and relevant to your ebook.

*As a side note, I actually did do a search on "kite flying blog" and, to my surprise, there are a number of interesting blogs on kites.

2. Contacting Blog Owners

Only a few blogs have any information onsite about guest blogging. You will more than likely have to contact the blog owner directly. Begin your email by telling the blogger that you really enjoyed their blog. (Flattery will get you in the door to most places.) Next, introduce yourself in a simple, short sentence, such as, "I also love flying kites and have been at it since I was a young boy of 12." Next, ask the blogger if you could guest write for her/him: "I just wrote an ebook about the best places to go fly a kite. I was wondering if I could write a post for your blog about what makes a place great for flying kites?"

Keep your initial contact with bloggers short. No one has time to read a long email, especially bloggers who are often working a full-time job and blogging on the side for extra income.

3. Getting the Link Back

Any blog owner who is worth her/his weight in salt knows that it is customary to provide a link back to the guest blogger's website, blog, or book. However, make this agreement in the second communication with the blog owner if she/he does not mention it in her/his return response to your initial query. From my personal experience, the blog owners who respond have always offered a link back and have even offered to review an ebook. I scratch their butt, and they scratch mine. And everyone's happy for getting a butt scratch.

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