Friday, January 1, 2016

How to Write eBooks About Starting Different Types of Home Businesses

There are so many types of businesses a person can start from home, but many of the guides available on the internet only touch briefly on them. Ebooks, however, are able to go into further depth about a single home business opportunity, and that is why they are a good sell.

Do Your Research

The first step to writing a good selling home business ebook is research. Study the latest trends in home businesses, both online home businesses and offline home businesses. Make a list of all the opportunities that interest you. Take notes.


After you have a list of interesting home businesses, choose one to focus on for your ebook. Check out other people who are running similar businesses. If they are willing, interview them for possible inclusion in your ebook.

Try It Out

Spend time learning how to set up the business. You can do a mock up business and go through the steps you would need to do to set up and market the business. The importance of doing these steps is that it will provide you with the insight into starting that particular business. For example, if you are researching how to start a garden statuary business, you will go through the steps of pricing statuary molds and deciding which kinds of molds are best for your business - latex, fiberglass, or metal. You would also look into how to make your own statuary molds, which you can easily do from home if you are making latex molds.

Things to Include in a Small Business eBook

  • Pros - List all the pros to starting the small business.
  • Cons - List all the cons to starting the small business.
  • Start-up Costs - List start-up costs and ways to keep costs down
  • Essential Equipment - List essential equipment and where to purchase specialized items.
  • Permits and Zoning - Mention possible permit and zoning requirements associated with the business.
  • Marketing - Marketing makes or breaks a small home business. Each type of business requires a unique marketing plan, and this is information that you will want to include in the ebook you write.
  • Spin-offs - List possible spin-offs of the home business you are writing about. For example, a spin-off of the garden statuary business would be a mold business.

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