Friday, January 22, 2016

Writing eBooks to Help Break Habits

Everybody has a bad habit they want to break:

  • nail biting
  • temper tantrums
  • non-stop texting or spending too much time on the smart phone
  • smoking cigarettes
  • lateness
  • spitting
  • hair chewing
  • drinking coffee or soda
  • always being late
  • excessive television watching
  • lying
  • snacking on unhealthy foods
  • social media
  • constant negativity
  • cracking knuckles
  • procrastination
  • interrupting others when they are speaking

The problem is that while many people realize they have a problem, they do not know how to go about breaking their bad habit. This is where you, the writer can step in.

Have you ever overcome one of your bad habits? How? With some research and some personal insight, you have the makings of a Kindle ebook.

If you currently have one or more of these bad habits, why not do the research and work on breaking yourself free from the habit? Keep notes on what works for you and provide your readers with the knowledge of your actions and results.

More Than One Way to Skin a Psychopath

There are many ways to break a habit and there are numerous personal experiences and personal tricks to breaking bad habits. Cigarette smoking is a prime example of this. Some people have been able to quit cold turkey. Others take a slower approach involving cutting back. A newer method to quitting smoking is to use an electronic cigarette. It doesn't matter if there is already a few ebooks available on this subject, there are still many other methods and personal triumphs to be shared with readers.

Go Step By Step

Some of the habit breaking books I have read provide numerous methods for breaking a habit, but each book lacks a solid plan of action. Hell, anyone can do a search online and read about the methods for breaking a habit for free. Providing readers with day by day steps they can take is the best approach to helping others. Share personal experiences with each step. Give tips on how to make it through the day. Provide ways to trick ourselves into succeeding. People like having a set schedule or plan to follow. They like being able to check things off their list and they love accomplishments, no matter how small.

Provide Real Solutions

Don't offer a solution in your title and then provide readers with no real cure or fix for their bad habits. That will lead to bad reviews and no real sales. The readers that download your book want to make a permanent and positive change in their life. Give them the knowledge, skills, and a plan to do so. You'll get good karma points for this - and a few bucks to boot.

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