Friday, February 12, 2016

16 Short Book Ideas You Can Use Right Now

Can’t think of anything to write about? Here is a list of 16 different ideas and numerous non-fiction niches to get your writer’s brain churning.

1. Preparing for Disaster

People who prepare for a natural or manmade disaster are called preppers. I recently wrote four short books for this group of people and the sales are fantastic. Preppers are eager, fast learners. It is estimated that there are over 3 million preppers in the United States, and many of them buy Kindle books to help them in survival situations. To tap into this market, consider what you would have to do if a disaster struck your area. What makes you and your situation unique? How does someone in a wheelchair prepare for a disaster? How about families with infants or small children? Find an angle and research it to the max. Preppers are not idiots. In fact, many preppers I have talked to are highly intelligent people.

2. Psychiatric and Medical Conditions

Whether it is learning to overcome depression or diabetes, people want true, heartfelt personal accounts and inspiring help. Think of your own problems. How have you overcome them? If you haven’t overcome your problems, research the subject and begin working on yourself. Keep a journal of your experiences and write about it. It doesn’t matter if you’ve suffered from something as simple as acne or a fear of heights, there are always people with these same problems looking for a solution.

3. Making Money

Books that show different ways to make money are always popular. You can focus on a small business idea, such as how to start a fruit tart bakery, or you can focus on one of the many ways to make money online. If you have experience building wealth in the stock markets, find a unique angle or choose an audience and tailor the book towards them. People you will want to focus on include teenagers, women, new parents, and grandparents.

4. Life Changing

People are constantly searching for ways to improve their lives, their health, their outlook on life, and their situations. If there was one thing you could change about your life, what would it be? Let’s say you are a chronic night owl, but you want the benefits of being an early riser. Come up with a step-by-step plan to become an early morning riser, test it out, and write a how to book on the subject. Or how about the habits of successful people? If you or anyone else were to adopt these habits, how would it change lives?

5. You Look Beautiful!

Are you a genius when it comes to eye makeup? Are you up to date with fashions? Do you know how to sculpt eyebrows or do a total makeup transformation? People pay good money to look beautiful, so why now write a series of beauty guides?

6. Crafts

Are you good with crafts? Explore different types of crafts and start writing holiday craft books and themed craft books, from Easter to magic gnomes. Craft project books sell pretty well and if you are good at writing clear, step-by-step instructions, you’re well on your way to writing a pretty decent craft book.

7. How to Do Anything

How to short books are extremely popular and there are an unlimited amount of topics you can write about, such as how to build a chicken coop, how to crochet left-handed, and how to build a multi-million dollar empire online. Take a look at the things you do and have done. Your life is filled with how-to’s. Discover what they are, research the topics, and start writing.

8. Teach a Skill

Telemarketer, customer service representative, retail manager, and camp counselor: all of these people have skills that they can teach to others. Things are tough in the job market, but if you are already actively working, you have the knowledge to teach others about your job or how to get your job. Examples: how to break into car sales, providing the best customer service, and the opportunities available for anyone who wants to become an RN.

9. Real Estate

Most people first turn to books when they are interested in anything regarding real estate. This includes real estate as an investment, buying a first home, a vacation home, or a retirement home, buying commercial property, and how to build a rental empire. There are numerous niches within real estate, including flipping, home repairs and increasing the value of a home, how to show a home, and the elements of building a home and working with a contractor to get the most for your money.

10. Organic

Newspapers report that “organic” is finally mainstream and more and more consumers are actively seeking out only organic products. As a writer, you can teach readers how to jump on the organic bandwagon and make and sell organic products. There is also organic farming and cooking with organics. The list is incredibly long. Your best bet is to do some research on the word “organic” (type “organic” into Amazon’s search and see all the products that come up) and work on a list of possible ideas.

11. Remedies

What’s worse than having a problem? Having to go to the doctor’s office. Remedy books have always been popular with a high focus, currently, on curing cavities and anti-aging solutions. There are also the mainstays: getting rid of warts, acne, and varicose veins. Natural cold and flu remedies are popular during the autumn and winter. Sunburn remedies are popular, of course, in the summer.

12. Break a Habit

Smoking, sugary foods, and nail biting are all examples of habits that people want to quit. If you have any experience in getting rid of bad habits and replacing them with positive habits, this is the right market for you.

13. Ufos and Aliens

That’s right! If you can hit on a new topic, angle, or dig for a conspiracy niche, you are ready to start producing an out-of-this-world book series. I admit to having a collection of mostly 1970s otherworldly books. Many of the new books seem to rehash all of the old stories. Bring something new and fresh to the table. Make some waves.

14. Losing Weight and Building Muscle

Aren’t we vain? Yes, we are! Losing weight and building muscle are forever popular subjects. How about exercise books geared towards apartment dwellers? They can’t bounce around as much because of the neighbors and need to do more stationary exercises. Or how about losing weight with the raw food diet? The paleo diet is another popular diet that sells very well. Losing arm fat, getting abs, and working towards a tighter butt are also popular subjects.

15. Vacationing

Help people plan their next vacation to Amish Country, Atlantic City, or even the Cayman Islands. If you live near a popular tourist attraction, you are all set to write a vacation book for people interested in visiting your area. Include all the local historical sights, restaurants, campgrounds, and hotels.

16. Pet Care

There are zillions of dog training books on the market, but how about teaching a parrot to talk? Can you really train a cat? And how about making homemade food for the many different, popular pets? If taking care of pets is your true love, find a unique angle to pet care (how about starting a turtle, rabbit, or snake shelter?) and start your research.

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